Convince your boss

A’18 is every year’s best business investment

You—and your firm—will benefit from the insights and takeaways you’ll gain by attending A’18. Here are a few tips to help you convince your boss.

    1. Be prepared
      There are hundreds of A’18 sessions that can expand your portfolio. Before you meeting with your boss, make a list of your top picks. Make sure to map them back to a project or growth area for your firm. The goal here is to show how A’18 will benefit your firm and your projects. Offer to recap key takeaways for the rest of the office after you return.
    2. Prove you’ll still be productive
      The work doesn’t stop because you’re out of the office! The A’18 schedule is designed so you can carve out time to check your email, take a conference call, or work on a project. There’s also free Wi-Fi. Let your boss know you have a plan and what that means for your projects.
    3. Take advantage of location
      Consider pitching location as an opportunity to build business for your firm. Since you’ll already be there it’s easy to meet with current clients, prospect for new clients, or follow-up on projects. Plus you’ll save time and travel costs by making just one trip.
    4. Pitch your blueprint for better
      Tell your boss what we’ve heard from past attendees: This conference is a game changer. And this year, some of the most creative architects, designers, and firms will share how they’re creating their own blueprint to make a difference in cities all over the world. Let your boss know you’ll leave New York City with insights and takeaways to use on your next project or to help your firm make a difference in key areas including health, resilience, energy, materials, and diversity.
    5. Ask with confidence
      Pick the right time to talk, then plan your conversation. Plan ahead so questions about cost, time out of office, and covering your projects aren’t curve balls.

Use direct language to help you structure the conversation. For example, “I want to go to A’18 in June” vs. “What do you think of me attending A’18?”, which opens the door for your boss to decide later.

Make sure you have a strong closing argument. Recap your main points and how you’ll use what you learn to benefit projects and the firm’s bottom line.

If your boss can’t commit right away, ask when is a good time to revisit the conversation—then promptly schedule a follow-up.

If you need to compromise, here are a few more options to discuss.

  • Consider different registration packages. For example, a one-day pass lets you attend on the day that works best for you.
  • Take advantage of special discounts like early bird rates, free registration for new members, or the young professionals discount.
  • Share a room with a friend or colleague. Hotels in the A’18 housing block don’t charge extra for double occupancy, plus you’ll also get the lowest rate.

The point here is that an initial “no” isn’t the end of negotiation. You can find ways to compromise and get to conference.

Good luck!